First Generation

Pepper Ai is a Virtual Personal Assistant For Scheduling Your Meetings from your email and social networks

Patent Solution

"US Patent No. 10,510,050"

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Collaboration with Google and Microsoft

Pepper is authorized by Google and Outlook to send meeting invites by email to Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.

User privacy

Pepper does not have access to the contents of your calendar or emails. The system only checks for available dates and times in your calendar

Pepper’s capabilities

Pepper coordinates meetings between multiple participants in a confidential manner, without sharing calendars. Pepper differentiates between your working hours and your social & family time.

Just one email effort for automatic scheduling,
Simply ccpepper@pepper.aito your correspondence.


How it works

Create a meeting
from your email


Create a priority


Create a meeting
with keywords

When it’s not according
to your setting


email message


Pepper features

Schedule meetings between multiple participants


Clear my day and reschedule

Define high-priority participants

Clear my day

Repeat your meeting

Coordinate between different time zones

Support for all devices

Schedule ASAP meetings

Define a range of possible dates and times for a meeting

Set meeting location and provide map to the location

Identify keywords

Join Pepperfor free,
Start immediately.

No credit card required.

Connect your calendar and go!

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